About Space Daddy

Hidden in your heart...❤️

Have you ever felt like one day you woke up living someone else's life?

Expectations are placed on all of us from the moment we are born--something we never asked for. Many people wind up in a life that someone else chose for them; not the one they would have chosen for themselves.

Space Daddy began in 2021, with a man named Evan Moore. A lifelong artist, he had quit drawing for 10 years, but had recently taken up the practice again after a living someone else's life. He had the vague idea to DJ under the name "Space Daddy" and to use his own custom, hand-drawn visuals: primarily psychedelic pin-ups.

The key to your heart 🗝️

Space Daddy believes that there is a Daddy or Angel hiding inside everyone's heart. You might not be fully conscious of it; you might not understand it; or you might be afraid or unable to express it. You might not even be all that happy with the person you are. Don't be afraid.

Space Daddy will show you the way.

It wasn't until 2022 that the full vision for Space Daddy came to fruition. While attending the Electric Forest music festival for the first time, Evan met two Angels, whose beauty, skill, and passion for their craft led to an image in his mind which became the full vision for Space Daddy. The second chapter of Space Daddy had begun.

Angel Approved Apparel 😇

It can be hard to find just the right way to express the Daddy or Angel inside. That's why Space Daddy has created a line of products to help: hats, backpacks, shirts, socks, shoes, rugs, shot glasses, drapes, clipboards...you name it! No matter how small, there is always way to add a little fun, a little color, a little of that playful, sexy, cool, and welcoming Daddy vibe.

With a more complete vision for Space Daddy, Evan looked into all the ways that he could create a playful, sexy, cool, and welcoming vibe for his patrons. Visualizing concerts as interactive theatrical productions, he came to the idea of not only doing the sound, visuals and performance, but also the clothing and accessories of patrons, as well as decorating the venues themselves. Every little thing contributes to the vibe.

Sit back and let Daddy take control 😈

The goal of Space Daddy is not simply to dress you or to help you decorate your home, it's to help you unlock the Daddy or Angel hidden in your heart.

The future of Space Daddy includes not only the famous interactive vendor booths, but immersive DJ performances. Space Daddy will set the scene, dress the actors, score the music, give you the prompt, and show you the vision. We will help you make it happen, no matter how many tries it takes--we are going to set free the Daddy or Angel that's been locked up in your heart for so long, yearning to be unleashed.

Lean back, close your eyes, and let Space Daddy take you for the smoothest ride of your life.

After creating a line of best-selling hats and doing a series of interactive vendor booths at local events in 2022, in 2023 Evan has turned his eye towards completing the vision: fleshing out the Space Daddy mythology and the personalities of the two Angels and throwing a series of DJ performances that fully realize the Space Daddy concept.

There's a Daddy or Angel hidden inside everyone's heart, yearning to be set free--and Space Daddy is the key.