The Legend of Space Daddy

The Legend

Once upon a time, there was a great king of space and partying, named "Space Daddy". He traveled the universe with his band of Space Angels, spreading funky music, good vibes, and fabulous clothing and accessories to everyone they met.

A Tale of Two Angels

Space Daddy travels with many Space Angels, but he has two favorites: "Daddy's Angels". They are known as GG, the Space Angel, and BB, the Daddy's Angel. However, some people refer to them as The Hot Angel and The Cool Angel.
Daddy's Angels, GG and BB side by side

Space Angel

GG, with her fiery red hair, is also known as the Space Angel. Coldly beautiful and determined to make the world a better place, GG's beauty is only dwarfed by her kindness. Despite this superficial warmth, there are those who say GG can be ruthless. Her legendary spirit lives on in the Space Angel collection. (coming soon)
GG, the Space Angel

Daddy's Angel

BB, with her cool blue hair, is also known as the Daddy's Angel. Hot, and famously out of control emotionally, BB always dresses provocatively. I have heard that BB's confrontational, unconventional, and often thorny persona hides a warm and loving heart. Her playful and sexy essence powers the Daddy's Angel collection. (coming soon)
BB, the Daddy's Angel

The Key

There is a Daddy or Angel hiding in everyone's heart. Space Daddy's mission is to help people become the Space Daddy or Space Angel of their dreams. He does this by unlocking your heart: teaching you to love both sides of yourself, and then helping others see the real you!
Two purple hands holding a furry heart with a musical note on it

Play Both Sides

Are you feeling like more of a Hot Angel or Cool Angel today? What kind of Daddy are you? Is that beautiful Space Angel making an appearance? Or do you want to be Daddy's Angel tonight? Feeling naughty...or nice? Space Daddy gives you the freedom to express the Daddy or Angel inside.
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