Space Daddy's Mission

Space Daddy's Mission

Space Daddy's mission is to help you unlock the Daddy or Angel hidden in your heart.

Space Daddy believes that inside all of us, there is an ideal version of ourselves waiting to be realized. Space Daddy wants to help you bring that dream to reality. Although perfection may never be reached, it would be a mistake to never try and achieve it--and who knows, you just might come closer than you think.

Space Daddy Products

Space Daddy seeks to provide the highest quality products with the maximum possible functionality and style--to provide the maximum possible value to the consumer, while also keeping prices reasonable so that no product is unattainable for the average person.

When possible, and when it makes economic sense, Space Daddy seeks to use environmentally sustainable products only.

Most of the Space Daddy products are print-on-demand, which reduces waste. Space Daddy is committed to providing the highest quality products possible: every single product in our store has been quality tested, and we are always looking for new and improved products to stock.

The Daddy Doctrine

Unlocking the Daddy or Angel hidden in your heart means to help you live the most fulfilling life possible, in accordance with the following ideals:

  • Unlocking your talents so that you may achieve self-actualization and use your talents for the betterment of humanity as a whole.
  • Treating others fairly--always ask yourself in your dealings with others, if what you are doing is just, and if you would accept being treated this way.
  • Keeping your body in good health so that you can be and feel at your best, including a healthy, evidence-based diet, and routine physical conditioning.
  • Maintaining emotional health: emotional regulation, discussing your feelings, and expressing your emotions in a healthy manner--particularly, by dancing.