Angels: The Space Daddy Mission Statement

The goal of the Space Daddy project is to align art, movement, clothing and music to promote inner harmony and to have a positive impact on the world.

When you dance, you harness the energy inside yourself to achieve a positive outcome. By losing yourself in the rhythm, the storm in your mind clears and your third eye opens, illuminating the golden path.

There is a light deep inside you that no one can ever touch.

By gathering together to dance and metaphorically putting Our Queen back together time and time again, we strive to keep the light inside ourselves alive even in times of darkness.

At Space Daddy, we believe inner harmony is the key to self actualization.

By providing high quality art, apparel, accessories and accents at reasonable prices, we can help you achieve a feeling of true alignment with your chosen purpose and support a healthy, active, peaceful and productive lifestyle.

Open your third eye and channel the angelic essence of the universe; ride the cosmic waveform.

Achieve inner harmony and harness your energy to create a positive impact on the universe.